Philip Kolba, MA — Counselor

I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Lewis & Clark College and a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Toronto. I am a registered intern of the Oregon Board of Licensed Counselors and Therapists, supervised by Anne Connor, LCSW (supervisor).

I have years of experience practicing in community mental health clinics, working predominately with veterans, Native Americans, and homeless and adjudicated youth. I transitioned to private practice so I could develop an agile practice that effectively utilized the latest developments in research and technology to reach my clients better.

I also contribute to the field through research, psychometric tool development, consulting, and peer-review. I have provided psychological consultation for several mental healthcare startups. My previous research was on the development of innovative measurements for fine motor skills, and my current research focuses on the treatment of tinnitus using mobile medical device apps. I also review for the journal, Ecopsychology.


Contract counselors of varying specialities are also available to meet specific psychotherapy needs.